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New College Grads

Updated 08/26/2017

    You thought leaving High School was a challenge.

    You thought getting through College was a nightmare.

    Welcome to the big leagues kid ... Finding a Job.
    Of course it is easier being your youth and cute smile.
    Learn well as it becomes more of a challenge each year.

    Job Interview Tips for Recent College Grads  |  TheBalance, Alison Doyle                                     08/17/2017
    When you're a recent college graduate interviewing can be a challenge, especially if
    you haven't interviewed much. That's especially true when you're interviewing for
    entry level jobs because, in general, it's a level playing field with all candidates
    having the same basic qualifications.
    However, there are ways to prepare for an interview so you can stand out from the
    crowd of entry-level candidates and make the best impression on the interviewer.

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