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No Respect

Updated 08/09/2017
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   So what other picture would you have chosen?

   Respect is an interesting aspect in business for if
   that level of relationship does not exist, little to
   nothing will be achieved between the parties unless
   someone is replaced. Unfortunately sometimes an
   innocent person is impacted and never knows they
   lost a job due to a respect matter between people.   

     7 Signs A Hiring Manager Doesn’t Respect You  |  Glassdoor, J.T. O'Donnell                            05/23/2017
     Over the last six months, I’ve been working with an incredible group of recruiters,
     coaching them on their careers. Specifically, the intent has been to show them it’s
     not the technologies they use on the job, but the techniques they leverage
     day-to-day that will make it easier for them to recruit top talent for their company.
     However, the more I got to know these talented recruiters, the more I realized some
     of them were being disrespected by their hiring managers – and they didn’t know
     what to do about it.
           Recruiters, you can’t do your job if a hiring manager doesn’t respect you.