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Outcome Clues

   Have you ever been in an interview
   where it seemed the entire panel
   worked at a Funeral Home?  Zero
   emotions or facial signals. No clues
   or signs to work from. Tough room!

   11 signs that your interview was a success  |  SiliconeRepublic.com                                                08/16/2017
   First note: this is a Silicon Valley group so there may be some local bias in the article.
   Are you anxiously awaiting news on the job of your dreams? Worried that you didn’t carry
   off the interview as well as you’d hoped? Hays’ Tom Osborne knows how to put your mind
   at ease.

   Nothing quite beats that feeling when you walk out of an interview room. The thorough
   preparation, interview nerves and the fact that you’ve had to talk yourself up for the best
   part of an hour can really take it out of a person, so it can be quite a relief when it’s over.
   That is, until you start to wonder how the interview actually went.
   This limbo period following your interview is tough and, while you may have a gut feeling,
   you may still be second-guessing how you performed. I wouldn’t recommend reflecting on
   every answer that you gave, or worse, harassing the company for an answer. What you can
   do is consider the below signs that your interview went well and make an educated guess.