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Story Telling

Updated 08/18/2017

          STAR: Situation - Task - Action - Result  |  TheBalance, Allson Doyle                                     05/16/2017  
          The STAR interview response technique is a way of answering job interview questions.
          It helps the job candidate provide concrete examples or proof that he or she has the
          experience and skills for the job.
          Read below for a more detailed description of the STAR interview response technique,
          and examples of how to best use it.
          You are still serving as the Story Teller but including additional information for the
          interviewer. The positive side it, you know this as you lived it. Adding the additional
          information requires some practice but you have the information in your head.
          Remember: these are factual "stories" - don't fabricate something and if you do not
                             have an example, think of something that is closely related. You need to
                             have their permission but it is unlikely will will refuse your request.

Telling a story is a powerful tool to transfer information to others. Condensing the
message you want people to hear takes planning but a compelling story can be delivered
within a few minutes in Behavioral Interview Questions using the normal response format
of Problem - Action - Result.  Start by discussing the problem that was realized (and if
you discovered it showing additional value you bring).  What did you do to resolve this
problem, who was involved that you engaged, what did they do under your direction, and
how long did it all take.  Where there any other problems that were resolved?  Then outline
the results of your effort and how they were successful and who all benefited from your
abilities.  Target your talk to 2-3 minutes for your talk.  It is appropriate to have these
factual "stories" ready to use which adds to your credibility.  Employers need people who
can solve problems and people who can direct others to be successful.

          STAR: Situation - Task - Action - Result