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What Do They Want

Updated 08/28/2017

  Damn good question as they Interviewers not know for certain.
  Interviews can be highly dynamic starting with an established
  question list then finding the interview is following a totally
  new line of questioning due to interest or concerns. 


   For the same reason a resume is never enough to get you the job you really want,
   no one hires a new employee based on their resume alone. Qualifications, education,
   experience... it all matters, but most hiring managers quickly scan and sort resumes
   before moving on to the next step in the hiring process.

   So how can you get better at reviewing resumes to identify the candidates you want
   to interview? The following is from Simon Wistow, the co-founder and VP of Product
   Strategy of Fastly, looks for three key things on every resume. (Fastly is an edge cloud
   platform, which basically means it delivers content incredibly quickly by leveraging its
   networks of servers around the world to reduce delivery latency and increase
   performance; the closer the content to a device, the quicker it's delivered.)

   What three things does Simon look for on every resume?