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Updated 08/22/2017

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   Think about this carefully...
   Get out your checklist to prepare for
   your interview. YOUR 
Failure to do
   this will reduce your risk of landing.

   Item 1:  Where is your analysis of the Job Description and how you align?

   Item 2:  Where is your research on the Company?
                  Do you have insight in how this job ties to what they do?
                  Have you checked local news about the company?
                  Have you checked the business news about the company?

   Item 3:  Do you have the appropriate cloths for this interview?

   Item 4:  Do you know what success is to them?

   Item 5:  Did you tune your Resume for this position that you sent in?

   Item 6:  Do you have references available should they ask for them?
                  Touch base afterward as a "heads up" if the interview went well

   Item 7:  Not that you'll discuss this, but do you have a salary range?

   Item 8:  Who have you networked within inside the Company for this job? 
                  Let them know you're going in and when, update them afterwards.

   Item 9:  Extra copies of submitted Resumes and Business Cards set?
                  Something to take notes on and with?
                  Response for "Tell me about yourself?"
                  Do you have clear directions to the building and your contact?
                  Do a search on
Interview Preparation List and read some of them

                 - note attached list of words to avoid overusing the word very

   Job Interview Preparation:
   What to do before, during, and after an interview  |  Ladders, Katherine Brunt       01/10/2017
    I cannot stress the importance of interview preparation too much! You only
    get one chance to prove to a potential employer why you’re the right
    candidate for the job. It’s imperative you walk into each and every interview
    with a premeditated plan for selling yourself.
    Unfortunately, too many well-qualified candidates fail to spend enough time
    preparing for interviews and subsequently lose out on good offers.

    Interview prep not your forte? Try implementing this simple 3-step job
    interview preparation plan to help you score your ideal career.
   Side note: Step 2 is to Dress for Success on the day of the Interview. This is a must but you
                     also need to insure your clothing is free of stains, wrinkles, etc. You may need to
                     have them cleaned prior to your big interview!

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