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512 Hiring Mgr Secrets

Updated 06/30/2017

  Who among us have secrets we want to tell
  but can't?
  There are people things that the company
  will not openly discuss which includes the
  Hiring Manager and Human Resources.
  But if they could talk to us, privately?
  Below may be the closest that is goning to happen.

  Could we have a meeting where all people involved in the hiring were connected to a
  series of polygraph machines to get the real story on the job, the candidate and the
  company and their employees?  Yes ... ain't gonna happen in our lifetime so we deal
  with things and share information and sort things out from there for the best match.


   5 Things Hiring Managers Want From Job Seekers  |  US News, Arnie Fertig                            12/16/2014
    Let’s assume you have all the experience, knowledge and skills necessary for the role
    you seek. You might think that's all that should be important. But then your applications
    get ignored, and the answers you do get an amount to a pile of rejections. You might
    ask yourself: “What’s wrong with this system?” 

   21 Things Hiring Managers Wish You Knew [Slideshow]  |  US News, Alison Green                         06/14/2010
    Hiring managers see a lot of job candidates making the same mistakes over and over again.
    And many of those mistakes are easy to prevent, fi only applicants knew how hiring managers
    think and operate.  Here's a look at 21 things hiring managers wish all job candidates knew
    - both to help them make the right hire more easily and to end some of the frustration and
    to end some of the frustration and anxiety of job seekers' side of the hiring process.   


    3 Reasons Why Funny People Make Great Employees  |  Forbes, Chris Myers                         04/20/2017
    For entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders of all types, recruiting team members is
    one of the most challenging aspects of the job. 
Naturally, candidates are inclined to
    put their best foot forward when interviewing, but that professional facade often
    masks the true nature of the individual.
    Of course, assessing a baseline level of skill or intelligence isn’t that tough, it’s
    determining the intangible “cultural fit” aspect that is so difficult. After all, how well
    can you really get to know someone when they’re on their best behavior, and you’re
    conducting an interview?
There are, of course, countless strategies and clever questions that you can employ
    to try and get a feel for the true nature of the person you’re interviewing, but I’ve
    never had much luck with them. 
Instead, I’ve learned to look for a single trait that
    tells me whether or not a person is going to be a good fit: a sense of humor.

    3 Things Hiring Managers Won't Tell You  |  LinkedIn, Arnita K Jones                                                09/27/2017
    I love interviewing.  I enjoy interviewing because with every person I meet I seem to
    get more and more material for a great comedy routine. It never seems to amaze me
    with the wealth of information on the internet, how many applicants still arrive to a
    job interview ill prepared.

    5 Things Employers Don't Want You to Know  |  Workopolis, Peter Harris                                      12/02/2015
    Finding a job is hard work. You have to find opportunities that match your skills and
    interests, painstakingly prepare resumes and cover letters, and hone your interviewing
    skills. Once you’ve done all that, why are most applications still unanswered and actual
    job offers so scarce?

    5 Things Hiring Managers Won’t Tell You  |  CV Globe, Kevin Johnson                                             07/10/2014
    Hiring managers have their own trade secrets and they do things on purpose to get to
    know the applicants better. There are some strategies done by hiring managers and
    these are things job applicants should know to better answer their questions or carry
    themselves more professionally during an interview. Read on to learn more about the
    strategic things that hiring managers do or probe about when interviewing applicants.

    5 things hiring managers won't tell you  |  CNN, Robert Half                                                              11/29/2011
    Boy, wouldn't the ability to read minds come in handy during the job interview? At the
    risk of stating the obvious, who wouldn't love to know what hiring managers really think
    about your qualifications or what they consider the perfect answer to a certain question?
    Armed with this information, you'd be a step ahead of other job applicants.

    What do employers want to see during an interview? To find out, I did a little research
    and found a great article from Inc.com that gave some great information. After reading
    what several hiring managers had to say, here are 5 things that they wish they could
    tell you about the interview.

    6 Things A Hiring Manager Won’t Tell You  |  Glassdoor.com, Amy Elisa Jackson                             06/08/2017
    No matter how many questions you ask to evaluate whether a role is for you, there are
    a few things that hiring managers just will not reveal. Even though you’ve prepared for
    the interview and asked all the must-ask questions, hiring managers are savvy and they
    will almost always avoid certain topics.
    However, instead of being frustrated or pegging a company as “cagey,” you may need to
    accept that some information will not be forked over. But don’t worry. Glassdoor is all
    about the transparency, so we’ll tell you what hiring managers cannot.

    11 Things Hiring Managers Won't Tell You  |  TheStreet, LearnVest                                                 04/25/2012
    Your wedding or engagement ring? Can and may be used against you.
Those photos of kids on a hiring manager's desk? They may not actually be the manager's
    children—but the photo is designed to get you talking about your kids, or whether you
    plan to have some eventually.
    And then there's the trick that can land some applicants $20,000 more when they start
    negotiating their salary.
    In fact, LearnVest got the inside scoop from hiring managers across the country. Many
    spoke on the condition of anonymity because their methods were so controversial—and
    not what you'd find in any company manual.

    You know that next job of yours? Yes, that’s right, the really amazing one with the
    brilliant co-workers, cool boss, and fresh, free snacks in the office vending machine?
    That one.
    You know how you’re going to land it? By quickly showing your future employer that:
       a) You’re going to perform incredibly well in this job.
       b) You’re insanely likable.
       c) You’re really going to fit in around there.

    Things Recruiters & Hiring Managers Won't Tell You  |  LinkedIn, Cachinko
    Bulleted points - contact is Heather@ComeRecommended.com