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514 Sales Skills

Updated 07/12/2017
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   Whether you like or not, as someone in a
 career transition ... you are your Sales Rep.
   The skills held by a good Sales Rep are the
   same skills of successful professionals to
   communicate and "sell" their ideas to those
   above and below their position to achieve.
   Your objective is to achieve employment at
   a level of appropriate compensation and of
   appropriate responsibility and engagement
   to feel good about what you do.
   These are skills you can practice with
   those you know to fine tune your delivery
   in word use, speed, message, and value.
   These are transferable skills to most jobs!
    At some point in your career, even if you’re not a salesperson, you’re going to be selling something.

    9 Sales Skills You Absolutely Must Have
    Even If You're NOT in Sales  |  LinkedIn, Jeff Haden                                                                                         07/22/2014
    No matter what your role, selling is part of your job.
Of course, to many people the word “selling” implies manipulating, pressuring, cajoling...
    all those 
high-pressure salesman stereotypes.
    But if you think of “selling” as explaining the logic and benefits of a decision, then everyone
    does needs sales skills: to convince others an idea makes sense, to show bosses or investors
    how a project or business will generate a return, to help employees understand the benefits
    of a new process, etc.

   Essential Sales Skills
   FOR PROFESSIONALS  |  TheBalance, Wendy Connick                                                                                             02/26/2017
    There are a lot of different ways to approach sales, but they all tend to rely on the same
    skill set. Note that these are skills, not talents: talents are inborn, but skills are learned.
    Anyone can learn to be an effective salesperson, and good salespeople can become
    great ones by honing the following sales skills.

   How to Improve Your Sales Skills,
   Even If You’re Not a Salesperson  |  Harvard Business Review, Rebecca Knight                                          05/22/2017
    At some point in your career, even if you’re not a salesperson, you’re going to have to
    sell something — whether it’s your idea, your team, or yourself. So how can you improve
    your sales skills, especially if you don’t pitch people often? What should you focus on first?
    And what should you do if you lose a sale?

   The Different Sales Approach Methods  |  TheBalance, Wendy Connick                                              02/26/2017
   There's no one best sales approach. Your personality and background will determine which
   type of sales technique is most effective for you. Even if you have a methodology that works
   well, it's a good idea to try a different approach now and then. Trying new methods keeps
   you out of a rut, and you may be surprised by how well a new sales approach works for you.
   In fact, many salespeople do best by using a combination of approaches.