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518 Interview Questions

Updated 08/10/2017

    5 Interview Turn-Offs That Can Cost You The Job  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                    11/14/2016
    A job interview can feel like an audition or a performance. It can be a very scary meeting,
    especially if you haven't job-hunted in a while.
    You have to be ready for the rush of adrenaline that may flood your veins when you walk
    into a job interview, or when the interviewer asks you a difficult question. You may panic
    in that moment.
    When we get anxious, we can start to ramble. We may hear the words falling out of our
    mouths and think "What am I even talking about?"
    [Includes short video, text, 5 Turn-offs, 15 common questions for mock interviews]