Customer Service Reps

Updated 07/22/2017

  1. Expect questions about helping others.
     -  What groups do you mention in terms of your passion for helping?
     -  Are you showing genuine enthusiasm as you talk about helping others?

  2. Expect questions about why you are seeking THIS job?
     -  What caused you to look at Customer Service for your job?
     -  Why should you be the chosen candidate over all others?
     -  How do you approach customer service?
     -  What are your long-term career goals beyond this position?

  3. Managing Customer Emotions and Expectations are Important
     -  Have you dealt with an upset customer or someone placed blame on
         your shoulders despite it was not your fault?
         How to you handle this type of situation?
     -  What experience have you had in receiving positive or negative feedback
         from a customer and how was that used to make you a better representative?
     -  Tell us a time when you encountered a problem you did not know immediately
         what the solution should be? How did you resolve this and how did you
         communicate it with the customer. Details are expected in your response.

  4. Empathy and Customer Effort Reduction
     -  Tell us a time when you had to really empathize with a customer's situation
         for you to fully understand their issue and how you should solve it?
     -  Support does not always fix issues, but it does take ownership of the solution
         for issues. Share with me about when you took ownership for something for a
         customer and reduced the effort they needed to get resolution? What happened?
     -  Did you ever advoccate for a customer when it was apparent their issues could
         have been prevented by improving product design, how a process could be
         streamlined, or communication could have been easier for all parties?

  5. Doing Your Job
     -  If you became an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in an area of our business, how
         would you achieve that?
     -  Customer Service Reps need to be inherent problem solvers; give your 
         candidate a problem to solve (legitiate or created) and see how they respond.
         As an example: "My toaster stopped working this morning ... how would you
         help me rapid this so I can get back to my breakfast?"
     -  Some customers will ask to speak to another rep or a manager. If you are the
         only rep ... what do you tell them?