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What They Dont Say


    6 Things A Hiring Manager Won't Tell You  |  Glassdoor.com, Amy Elisa Jackson                             06/28/2017
    No matter how many questions you ask to evaluate whether a role is for you, there are a few
    things that hiring managers just will not reveal. Even though you’ve prepared for the interview
    and asked all the must-ask questions, hiring managers are savvy and they will almost always
    avoid certain topics.
        1.  The biggest issues with the team
        2.  Average employee turnover
        3.  If there are upcoming layoffs (for any cause including mergers, closings, etc.)
        4.  Whether you are not their first pack for the role
        5.  If there is an upcoming IPO
        6.  How much they'll spend in salary to lock you in (for limited high-demand positions)