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519 Interview Mistakes

Updated 07/17/2017
   Interview mistakes will happen on both
   sides of the table. Stuff will happen.
   The question: is your mistake something
   that you can quickly recover from or it is
   one that leaves a deep wide mark on your
   application folder.
   If you make a mistake, acknowledge it.
   That is the professional thing to do.
   Try to hide it will send many bad signals.

     Three Things To Avoid After A Job Interview  |  Forbes, Ashley Stahl                                           07/19/2017
     It’s not over till it’s over.
You made it through the interview, and now you can breathe again. That time spent
     preparing has paid off and an offer for a great opportunity is right around the corner.
     Now, you’re in the home stretch where it is important to finish strong.

    16 interview mistakes people think will cost them the job — but won't
        |  Business Insider, Rachel Gillett                                                                                                                                           04/25/2017
    Considering all the advice about interviewing out there, you might feel you have to walk on
    eggshells when you're interviewing for a job.
Don't worry. Asking to reschedule your interview won't blow your chances. Nor will asking
    too many questions. 
    And, believe it or not, neither will showing up late.
    While we certainly don't recommend you go out of your way to be late, experts say that most
    interviewers will understand if you get stuck in traffic. The important thing is to go about
    informing your interviewer the right way.

    * It is better to arrive early to ensure your attire is still clean, clothing on straight, use the
      restroom, but once you tell Reception you are there for an interview, they WILL MORE
      TIMES THAN NOT and interrupt the interview. Let them know you arrive about 5 minutes
      prior to the interview. Show up 15 minutes late and it sends negative signals unless you
      have one killer of a verifiable legitimate reason for your delay.