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Your Brag Book

Updated 00/00/2017

  Your parents may have called it your "Baby
  Book" but it was things they were proud of
  regarding you. Go create your own book!

  Document awards, big deals, achievements
  that grabbed people's attention and add
  letters, certificates, photos of you being
  given an award or shaking the hand of the
  CEO at an Award's Dinner. Show you ARE
  better than the rest of your competitors.
  And use Word (or other such tool) to create uild and maintain a professional, well
  organized Index to the contents to further promote your skills, talents, and abilities.
  This book is about YOU ... don't literally skimp or short change YOUR self-promotion.

  Basic Rules:
     1. It must be factual.
           Someone, somewhere at some time will question something and if they find people who can't
           confirm it or worse, say it never happened, you are burnt toast. Your reputation will be damaged
           beyond repair. Do not do it. There is no shade of gray in this area ... it is or it is not factual.
           If you saved the world from utter destruction, someone should remember that accomplishment.

     2. It needs to show value.
            What was the value you created for the organization (may be your employer, may be for volunteer
            work, maybe for a non-profit you help)? What did you do that brought value to the organization
            and what was that value? As this translates into potential dollars to a company, they pay attention.
            You may need to guide them into how and where the link exists, ideally with the outcome of your

     3. Documents carry greater weight and thus impact; pictures bring a higher value.
           Anyone can photoshop you standing by someone important these days without a great deal of
           effort and for some dollars. Where possible, backup your photos with supporting material. This
           could be a letter from the person presenting you the award, notice of you receiving the award (with
           or without notice of the award event), what action you are being recognized for, date of the award
           and position you held, etc., etc. For Sales Representatives, Quarter Achievement Records can bring
           great impact IF you are allowed to make that public (always be careful that your desire to document
           does not risk exposure of confidential information).

     4. Never ever let anyone keep it.
           You may never get your prized possession back. If an employer wants to review it offers to create a
           copy and bring it to them. This brings added value to you as it:
             a)  is another meeting thus more face time with the hiring manager to score points and
                  further your relationship by building greater interest in bring you into the team
             b)  you can address questions and add a background to items of achievement
             c)  your original work is never put at risk

    5. Keep your "Brag Book" electronically and in a good binder
           WORK to keep all content for your "Brag Book" on your computer using scanned or photographed
           items, documents in Word, Excel, Project, Visio, PowerPoint, emails printed in PDF format so they
           can be easily displayed and safely stored. When you achieve this, recreating your "Brag Book" is a
           matter of printing and then organizing and placing the content into a binder.