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570 Flight Risks

   Flight Risks Today:
      1)  Your airline cancels your flight because they could do so.
      2)  A person in the cabin decides they are "Batman" and takes action while airborne
      3)  A crew member is frustrated and opens a wine bottle on your head
      4)  In deciding between "Red" or "White" wine, the person beside votes with his fist
      5)  A newly hired person who suddenly finds greener pasture somewhere else

   As a hiring manager the first four are legally beyond your control.
   The last one will be a topic of "whisper conversations" within the company.
   Stopping departure risks is challenging but steps to minimize are easy to implement.

   Loyal employees are worth
   MUCH MORE than their weight in gold.  |  LinkedIn, Oleg Vishnepolsky                                             05/14/2017
    "Oleg, I am very disturbed by a conversation between 2 managers at the airport I just heard.a
    Went like this -a
    "John, I am so depressed. We have to make cuts, and I feel so bad because I am loyal to mya
    people." John replied "Do not be. There is no more loyalty of employees to companies any more".
    Oleg, can you please write one of your blogs as a response to John ?"a
    John, I hope you are reading this blog.
    Loyalty is something you earn.
    You earn loyalty not by telling your people how great you are, not by your profit reports, and a
    NOT by your mission statements.
    You earn loyalty by doing something good for your people.