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580 Thank you

      Who does not like being thanked?  

    STEP 1     When you know you have an appointment, get the names,
                    titles, functional responsibilities and mailing address of
                    those you will be interviewing with.  If you can't or don't
                    get all of the information you can add them after the
                    interview.  But bring the additional blank Thank You cards and stamps with you in case you
                    must deliver them to the local post office!

   STEP 2     Bring a laptop or a pre-written thank you note that you can expand upon after the interview.
                  You ALWAYS want to reinforce something you said and bring up anything you forgot to make
                  a strong image of yourself. Use the laptop or paper to write out your message in a manner
                  you are happy with and SPELL CHECK it!  This is not the time to show you are forgetful or
                  cut corners to meet a deadline.

STEP 3    If at all possible, see if you can leave the cards with the Security Desk or Receptionist.
                    1.  You get to be kind to and courteous with someone who may be asked for their
                         opinion of you.   This gives you another opportunity to score points.

                    2.  The time for the US Post Office to deliver these may be several days.  If the Security
                         Desk or Receptionist can put these into Interoffice Mail, these may be delivered by
                         the next day OR they may call the involved Secretary and ask them to pick them up
                         for a same day delivery OR hand the people listed your Thank You cards as they leave. 

                    Reinforce your meeting in a timely and memorable manner leaves positive impressions.

   No matter what your financial situation is, get good quality cards to leave a good impression.