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Updated 08/25/2017
 in·ter·view·erImage result for interviewer
  plural noun: interviewers
  1. a person who interviews someone, especially as a job.
    "she took time to answer questions from radio interviewers"
    synonyms:questionerinterrogatorexaminerassessor, appraiser;
    "her first stint as an interviewer was for her fifth-grade newsletter"

   Let's look at what is openly published from their perspective.


    Sometimes it's crystal clear that someone you brought in for a job interview just isn't the
    right fit for the role. Maybe he doesn't have the skills, for example, or perhaps she's a
    certified grade-A jerk. But other times the signs that a potential new hire won't pan out
    for your company can be more subtle.
    What are these smaller signs that a candidate isn't quite right? A recent Quora thread
    responding to someone who asked "What are some of the biggest red flags in an
    interviewee?" provided a wealth of great responses from some top-notch recruiters and
    entrepreneurs who together have hired thousands and thousands of people.

    If you see these red flags, they suggest, seriously consider giving that candidate a pass,
    even if the person seems otherwise qualified.


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