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Your Bad

Updated 08/25/2017

   Is your Resume consistent with everything else,
 or is inconsistency your most consistent action? 
     Are your documents providing inconsistent and often conflicting
     statements regarding your skills, abilities and work experiences?

     Resolution of conflicts are simple: you are excluded.

   Over the years in talking to Recruiters and Applicants/Job Seekers, how out of sync
   we have become in terms of structure and content for Resumes and Interviewing.

  One of the self-inflicted wounds Job Seekers make is their inconsistencies between
  pages submitted for a position. This is simply sloppy and unprofessional work.

  Then we have another side of this problem; interviewers often are so involved in their
  company work they have lost touch with their own industry and what's going on there.

  Case 1:  We don't get out much anymore
               Managers are often so burdened with meeting targets by their team that
               leads to burnout. If they are burned out, will they have be focused on what
               changes are impacting their profession or is everything focused on the needs
               of their business? Clearly their focus will be on their business.

               This creates "blind spots" for the managers in that it:
                 a) limits their exposure to evolving technologies and insight into what
                     is still regarded as a unproven tool or product that their team will be
                    deploying in a highly demanding area requiring high availability?

                b) few new technologies are presented with any form of reliability reports
                    forcing managers to blow to their staff who want to use the latest and
                    greatest without knowing either if a factual assessment.

                c) leaves the manager unware of changes in employment from slowdowns
                    in hiring from the economy or changes in hiring to a different pool of
                    candidates excluding one group without any clear reason why.

                d) leaves the manager unaware of changes within technology which, in turn,
                    have resulted in staffing reductions at vendors typically for an 18 to 24
                    month period then questions privately why these people cannot find work.