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Back in the Game

Updated 05/21/2017

 Step 1: Get your head & emotions straight
 Step 2: Outline what you want to do next
 Step 3: Get your support group cracked up
 Step 4: Update LinkedIn, Resumes, Stories
 Step 5: Get out there, find your dream job

 Yes, it is rather basic but you start with a
 basic outline and move forward with all of
 the heart and energy you have to land in a
 better position that fits your passions!


 6 Ways To Get Back To Work When You Don't Want To  |  Forbes, Caroline Ceniza-Levine          01/02/2017
After almost two weeks of the holidays causing a slower office tempo (if not a complete stop)
 it’s hard to focus on work again. If you’re feeling resistance to your normal schedule, here are
 six strategies to help you get back to work when you don’t want to.

 7 Keys to Rejoining the Workforce After a Long Break  |  Forbes, Susan Adams                       11/20/2012
 Carol Fishman Cohen was 30 and on maternity leave from Drexel Burnham Lambert when
 the investment banking firm imploded in February 1990. A Harvard Business School grad
 in the Boston office's corporate finance group, she didn't agonize about leaving her
 high-powered job. She picked up part-time special project work off and on. Soon she had
 another baby, and then another and another. Married to a lawyer, she spent five years
 working part-time and six years caring for her kids full-time.

 How to Get Back To Work after a Career Break (12:01)  |  TED, Carol Fishman Cohen                      12/00/2015
If you've taken a career break and are now looking to return to the workforce, would you
 consider taking an internship? Career reentry expert Carol Fishman Cohen thinks you should.
 In this talk, hear about Cohen's own experience returning to work after a career break, her
 work championing the success of "relaunchers" and how employers are changing how they
 engage with return-to-work talent.