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Updated 09/11/2016

The following is information presented in

Information in the article was adapted from What Color Is Your Parachute? 2017 Edition by Richard N Bolles

This book recommended for many years.  Check with your local library for availability.


  1. Looking for employers' job postings on the Internet                     4% Success Rate

  2. Posting, or mailing out, your resume to employers                       7% Success Rate

  3. Answering local newspaper ads
                                                                           Low Level Jobs:       24% Success Rate
                                                                           High Salary Jobs:      5% Success Rate

  4. Going to private employment agencies or search firms
                                                                           Lower End:               5% Success Rate
                                                                           High End:               28% Success Rate

  5. Answering ads in professional or trade journals in your field       7% Success Rate
    Directory of these organizations is at: Directory of Associations

  6. Job Clubs                                                                                      10% Success Rate

  7. Going to State or Federal Employment Office                               14% Success Rate

  8. Going where Employers Pick-up Workers
    Typically Union workers, construction, general labor, etc.                              22% Success Rate

  9. Asking for job leads                                                                     33% Success Rate

  10. Knocking on employer doors
    Works best with small companies                                                           47% Success Rate