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Job Seekers Over 40

Updated 05/15/2017

   Job seekers in their 40's, 50's 60's
   or 70's all have the same battle...
   Here are articles specifically for
   those in these age groups where
   discrimination is most likely.
    Just don't stop trying!

    Job Search Strategies for Workers Over 40  |  TheBalance, Sally Kane                                          02/23/2017
    Today’s aging global workforce, a stagnant economy, and widespread downsizing have
    forced a rising number of workers over 40 back in the job hunt.
    Don’t let your age pose an obstacle to your job search. If you’re over 40 and seeking work,
    these eight job search strategies for workers over 40 can help you land a job.
    Article includes additional links for the 40 Plus group on the Job Search, being too old
    for Returning to School, Career Change, Networking Tips, Resume Tips and Interview
    Tips all for the seasoned job seeker plus 8 general tips for these job seekers!

    Over 40? Don’t Make These Job Search Mistakes  |  AARP
Returning to recruiting gave me a front-row seat on what over-40 candidates do right—and
    wrong in job search. Here are some real-life job search mistakes and tips.

    Think 40 Means You're Finished? Not A Chance  |  Career-Intelligence (Women)                     05/15/2017
    In a cutthroat world of layoffs, downsizing and unemployment, it’s important for job
    seekers over 40 to stay one step ahead of the game. Though jobseekers over the age of
    40 often face a different set of challenges than their younger counterparts, they also bring
    a lot to the table.

   Top 5 Resume Fails That Keep Most 50+ Jobseekers From Getting A Response
       |  Linkedin, Jewel Bracy DeMaio
    That’s an impressive career you have there! 25, 30, even 35 years! So why the “crickets”
    all the time? Not an email response, and certainly not a callback. It’s even worse when
    you’re applying for jobs that you can do perfectly well. But, alas! The thing you might
    not be doing perfectly well is putting together a resume that actually markets you, instead
    of marking you for the great job search black hole on the Internet. Following are 5 resume
    fails that plague most 50+ jobseekers, and could be keeping you from getting the
    responses you know you deserve.