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Updates 03/16/2017

  A department Manager told me at a Job Fair I
  needed to apply that day.  They "cut off" new
  applicants once 20 applied, good applicant or not.

  You may have been their ideal candidate but you
  may not make their close for applicants.  The 3
  keywords in Job Search are all "Networking".

  Below are other possibilities than can stop you beyond the 20 submissions.

It’s one of the most frustrating job search scenarios. You’re applying for the right
roles and you have the right qualifications. You know this to be true because
you’re landing one interview after the next. And yet, you’re not getting offers.

5 Things Successful People Do after Being Rejected for a Job  |  Inc., Kat Boogarrd, Inc                    03/21/2017
Your hopes were high, and now they've been dashed. You received a curt, "Thanks,
but no thanks" for an opportunity you were really excited about. There's no way
around it — rejection is tough for all of us. And, while there's nobody out there
who will claim to enjoy it, there are some people who seem to cope with it better
than others.

7 Reasons You Weren't Hired7 Reasons You Weren't Hired  |  Glassdoor.com, Lillian Childress           03/10/2017
Your resume perfectly fits the job description, you’ve been hearing positive feedback
from HR, and… what?! You weren’t hired? Don’t take it personally – there are a whole
slew of reasons outside your control (and sometimes in your control) why you may
have been passed up for the job you wanted. Often, the reason you weren’t hired is
only distantly correlated to your strength and fit for the position. Here are 7 reasons
why you may not have gotten the job:

Why I Never Hire anyone Smarter Than I Am  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                02/14/2017
When we say "Hire someone who's smarter than you are!" it doesn't mean that you
should hire someone who could step into your job tomorrow. 
As you point out, if
you hire people who are overqualified for the jobs they're given you are lucky to
end up with a bunch of frustrated employees.