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What Works

From Forbes Nov 14, 2016 article by Liz Ryan:
Items in light gray are comments added by the Moderator.

  Five Search Tactics that Haven't Work for Years

  1. Job Fairs
    Once a great way to get hired, then for some reason, employers, stopped allowing their recruiters to interview candidates live at the job fair.
    -  Some still do but only few; read the flyer carefully to see if they will.  Often you
        may find police and fire departments, healthcare, teaching and other skill sets.
        If they won't be conducting on-site interviews, save your time and gas.  You 
        need to be face-to-face with a recruiter to have hopes for making inroads.

  2. Resume-blast services
    - Great way to spend money and irritate HR people for wasting their fax paper.
       And you cannot be very successful mass sending the same Resume in hopes
       you get exceptionally lucky.

  3. Reaching out to strangers on LinkedIn to ask them to refer you into their company.
    -  Ya, put your career on the line for someone you have no clue about.
        In 2003 to 2004 this was good to ask for advise about getting hired by their
        company.  Can still work but people are more cautious these days.  Use your
        network to meet people in your targeted companies.  Strangers generally will
        not respond and it's not polite to begin with.

  4. Using the same resume for every job you apply for.
        They are looking for keywords.  No keywords, no interest.  Understand?

  5. Completing online job applications.
    -  The electronic version of mailing them to Gilligan's Island for a response.
        This worked in the early days around 2008.  So many people today are "key
        word qualified" but have no meat, experience or stories to explain their
        experience in these area.  Companies may still be using this because they
        are "change-averse".  You know, the same reason they won't hire you, right?


  1. Write a Summary paragraph explaining why you are perfect for the job you see as your ideal job.  Put your Summary at the top of your Human-Voice Resume.  Make
    additional versions to meet your various opportunities or needs.

  2. ALWAYS have a Targeted Employer List - you need focus and "aiming at will" is not the way to be successful.  Use LinkedIn to find decision markers at your targeted companies.  Direct sales is often a good approach even if they don't have a position open today; they may later or know who does have open positions.

  3. Try a "Pain Letter" with your Human-Voiced Resume sent via the US Post Office (less likely to be deleted).  Discuss the company and ideally the recipient and not you.
    This unique approach may keep their interest and keep them reading.

  4. Remake yourself as a Consultant by calling yourself a Consultant.  Print up some business cards and start handing them out and see what happens.

  5. Understand not all employers will be a good fit for you and there are some companies that are really high on the "need to avoid list".  You only need ONE MANAGER to realize your talents to get hired.  So don't work for a bad manager or bad place ... there are so many good ones out there!
Article:  5 Job Search Tactics That Don't Work -- And Five That Do - Liz Ryan, Nov 14, 2016