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Bait-and-Switch Offer

  1. the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain,
    with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods.
    "a bait-and-switch scheme"

    How To Handle A 'Bait-And-Switch' Job Offer  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                               05/15/2017
    Sadly, it's a common situation. If Larry sticks with his tacky and unprofessional
    bait-and-switch plan, you can't take the job. 
If you do, you'll signal to Larry, Cindy
    and the whole team that you were just kidding when you said you're worth $80K.
    If you take the job, you'll communicate that you will put up with any kind of treatment
    they dish out. 
If they don't see the light and remember how badly they need you when
    you get on the phone with Larry, walk away!
With luck, your call with Larry will remind him that you are worth the extra $800/month
    ($10,000 per year) you and he discussed during your interview.