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Counter Offer

Update 08/12/2017

    You should NEVER accept a counter offer  |  LinkedIn, Lee Nallalingham                                          08/02/2017
    I have always considered accepting a counter offer to be utter madness. I am not going
    to bore you with a long post regurgitating statistics that by now, anyone who has ever
    read one of several articles in Forbes, HR Magazine, Business Insider, Bloomberg or
    LinkedIn know by heart. (and for the 1% of you that may have somehow missed this,
    such stats include headlines like 80% of those who accept one still leave within 6 months,
    93% still leave within 18 months etc)
    Let's be honest for a moment - how many of us have ever quit a job because we were paid
    what we felt we were worth, given the promotion we felt we earned or were generally
    provided with the opportunities and treated with the respect we feel our performance
    deserved? The answer of course is very few of us!