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Disappointing Offer

Updated 07/06/2017
   Whether it was a discussed raise, discussed promotion
   or pending job offer, when all paperwork and talking
   with Management and Human Resources settled down,
   You were, well, something less than a happy person.
   You have options the question is what are they, will
   they create a worse situation, are there items you can
   revisit to see if all factors were considered or are they
   just being what they are and it's time for new options.

   7 Ways to Handle a Disappointing Salary Offer  |  Recruiter.com, Shala Marks                              07/04/2013
   No matter how passionate you feel about the position you are applying for, or how much
   you want a job, the topic of salary is going to be an important aspect of the hiring process.
   Though not always the biggest factor when choosing a career, salary is extremely important
   —and you’re going to want to ensure that the salary you earn is appropriate for your
   experience and the amount of work that you will be doing.

   Declining a Disappointing Offer  |  LiveCareer.com
I recently applied for a job opportunity and was made an offer. The problem is that the offer
   is significantly below my expectations and is not commensurate with my vast experience
   level. It appears that the institution is not willing to reconsider nor re-negotiate an increase
   so that I feel it is necessary for me to withdrawal from consideration or decline the offer. Can
   you please tell me which letter style would be more appropriate — a letter of withdrawal or a
   letter of rejection?

   How to Master Salary Negotiation  |  CareerBuilder, Matthew Tarpey                                                         01/09/2017
   As a job seeker you might be hesitant to negotiate a salary offer, especially if you're looking
   for your first job. And while it may be uncomfortable to ask for more money, the fact is 73
   percent of employers expect candidates to negotiate salary, according to CareerBuilder data.
   Besides, by not negotiating your starting salary, you not only lose out on the initial difference,
   but that loss can compound over the course of your career. Don't fool yourself – the cost of
   not negotiating is much higher than you might initially think.

   How to Negotiate Salary After a Disappointing Job Offer  |  OurEveryDayLife.com, Nicole Vulcan
   The job application process can be a roller coaster ride. One minute you're flying high from
   a productive job interview, the next you're sinking low due to a disappointing job offer. When
   the salary offered is less than you'd hoped for, resist the urge to react negatively right away. In
   fact, try not to react much at all. Thank the employer for the offer and ask for a few days to
   think it over. Use that time to launch your counter-attack.