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Hiring Top Talent

Updated 08/15/2017

    How to Hire Top Talent Without an Interview  |  LinkedIn, Paul Andrew Smith                              08/15/2017
    "Be slow to hire and quick to fire."
That's the conventional wisdom in human resources. Take the time to make sure you've
    got the right candidate before making an offer. The result is a lengthy process that starts
    with a detailed online application and multiple rounds of interviews spread out over weeks.
    Some companies even augment that with their own special tests that resemble the GMAT
    or SAT tests, designed to weed out weak candidates.
    But Scott Wintrip has a different idea. Scott believes that slow approach does more harm
    than good.
    Scott was a guest on my podcast this week and explained what led him to that conclusion.
    He said all that time and effort led to work piling up and good candidates being lost to
                  "When hires were made, some worked out; many did not. Those that
                   failed on the job had excelled during interviews. Our process was a crapshoot."