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Updated 06/25/2017
   It is rare you hear "Overtime Pay" brought
   up with a prospective employer except to
   clarify there is none. The US Department
   of Labor sets the rules but they are not
   necessarily enforced by some employers.
   Working beyond 100 hours for each of two
   weeks, you may not be overtime eligible.

   Do not assume any position you are applying for does pay, or must pay, overtime.
   Information provided is subject to change by government agencies, Congress, Courts
   at the Federal or State levels including appeals, and State Legislatures.

   Your starting point for your research is the US Department of Labor at:
         US Department of Labor - Wages & Overtime Pay 

   Approaching a manager or Human Resources may not be the smart approach.

   Because this is Federal Law, many exceptions for your industry or employee type
   may exclude mandatory overtime compensation or consideration.

   Some corporations, on an exception basis, make use a bonus structure or additional
   paid time off in lieu of overtime pay which may be more or less than the actual value
   of the overtime worked.

   What You Need To Know About Overtime
       |  LinkedIn, Tom McDonough, LegalShield Independent Associate                                                                                           06/25/2017
    If your employees work more than 40 hours per 7-day workweek they may be entitled to
    overtime pay. New overtime rules were set to take effect late in 2016. These regulations
    would have expanded the number of employees eligible to receive overtime pay but they
    are currently tied up in federal court. It is vital that you observe the current regulations to
    avoid potential fines or litigation. If you have questions about state or federal overtime
    rules, contact your LegalShield provider law firm.
SIDENOTE: If you contact LegalShield, get confirmation you will not be billed for this inquiry.

   Overtime Working Hour Cutoffs by State
  NOTE: the information listed here is subject to change without notice and may not reflect any revisions.

   This site also provided, using links for individual states in the left webpage margin, information on:
      -  State Overtime Laws
      -  Tipped Minimum Wage
      -  Minimum Wage News

   The site offers an easy to read table, sorted by State Name, reflecting:
      -  Overtime Minimum Wage   : Alabama has the lowest Overtime Minimum Wage of $10.88
                                                     per overtime hour, while the District of Columbia is $17.25.

      -  Weekly Overtime Hours      : Some states have a Weekly Overtime hours, TWO states have
                                                      listed more than 40 hours per week: Kansas 46 hours per
                                                      week, and  Minnesota 48 hours per week.

      -  Daily Overtime Hours         : Some states require 7 hours OR MORE per day for overtime.
                                                      As of their website on June 25, 2017, SIX states have listed
                                                      hours of 8, 12 or 15 hours per day.

      -  Laws for each state may be unique; check the listing for your State at this website.         

    Some states have laws for various Minimum Wage Exceptions which can include groups for:
      -  Under 20 Minimum Age for those under 20 years of age for the first 90 days of employment
      -  Student Minimum Wage for full-time high school or college students working part-time
      -  Tipped Minimum Wage for those earning wages plus earn a certain amount of tips every
          month allowing a wage below the minimum wage. Some states may not require the employer
          to adjust wage should wages and tips fall below the State Minimum Wage.