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830 Pre-Employment

Updated 06/18/2017

   Once upon a time getting a new job and starting it was simple: you got a start date
   and were expected to show up on-time at the designated work location.

   Since those days the world changed and new steps are mandatory:
  •  Complete a background check which many include some or all of the following:
    •  Criminal background check involving law enforcement records
    •  Financial history check
    •  Drug Screen
    •  Specific Screens for items
    •  FBI background check (for government and/or military civilian jobs)

  •  Completion of the I-9 forms establishing your eligibility to work in the United States
     This must be completed within a few days after starting else the employer must terminate you

  •  Any additional testing or employment requirements by the employer which may include:
    • Ability to solve math problems at a certain grade level
    •  Ability to solve written problems
    •  Ability to think through problems