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910 Background Check

Updated 06/18/2017

   Background checks are driven by the type of work you will
   perform, regulatory issues and federal compliance issues.
   A criminal background check is automatically assumed for
   nearly any job today. Handle money or work for the US
   government and the background checks increase in the
   information required and time to complete them.  Work in
   a casino and financial background checks plus some for
   state casino licensing may be involved.  Most people pass
   their background checks with no problem.

    Employers are often unwilling to hire someone convicted of a crime.

    The link below provides "A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act" in a PDF
    format from the Federal Trade Commission. If you have a clean record you have nothing to worry
    about. If you have some items on your record, review the document using the link below to explore
    what you can do about these.  Note that this Act does not include any protection for criminal 
    matters, only financial.

    Should you want to check your background WITHOUT paying for it?
    Kim Komando as a process published by Fox News you can use.  Visit the link at:

    Information has been provided by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, which is an advocacy group, that
    provides information.  Not all information discussed on the link may apply to background checks
    conducted in your state.

    Criminal background checks often involve an inquiry to a local law enforcement agency which often acts
    as the county-wide repository of records. Contrary to what you may see on some websites for
    background checks, they do not provide access to their records via on-line connections no matter how
    much you paid.

    Your employer can assist you in completing these forms if needed and normally will submit these
    forms for processing without cost to you.

    The time to complete a background check depends upon many factors, which can include:

      a)  have you resided within the same county for the entire time span of this background check? 
            If you have, all the information needed is likely available within the one agency thus the
            time to complete your background check will be less. It is possible this could be completed
            within a few hours after receipt by the law enforcement agency involved.

       b)  If you have lived outside of the same County for any part of the time asked to be check, this
            will require submitting the request to the law enforcement agency for each County you lived
            in. If these involved out-of-state counties, this can significantly increase the time for
            processing. If you lived in a county with higher incidents, such as Clark County, Nevada, the
            lead time may be longer due to the area sometimes having a higher number of incidents.
    If you are being hired to work in a regulated industry, such as Casinos, the state may also require
    a background check to meet their requirements. Exceptions may be automatically granted if your
    position is outside of the Casino or you are will not be given access to any gaming equipment,
    money cages, stored gaming equipment or cash rooms. Each state has different requirements. 
    If you will be working for a Casino operated on the land of an Indian Tribe, the laws of the Tribe
    will be the presiding laws.

    Background checks are paid by the employer.

    Your Residence plays a BUG Factor in Processing Your Background Check

    If you have lived in Memphis for at least 7 years, your background check most likely will be done
    by the Shelby County Sheriff's Office
.  Some companies will want a 10-year check, and if you were
    a resident for those 10 years in Shelby County, the Sheriff's office will be involved. A person with
    a clean record who lived in Shelby County for the entire period required for the search can get
    results back as soon as the same day.

    If you lived part of that 7 to 10 year period outside of Shelby County, the request will be
    forwarded for additional information from the Sheriff's Department or Police Department in that
    location. This can add additional days to weeks depending on the Agency receiving the request
    and their ability to process it for return.

    Check your addresses shown. Some reporting agencies will pick-up on mail being delivered to
    an office complex but assume it is a residence you use. You can request this be corrected but
    efforts I have mad repeatedly have yet to be acted upon. 


    In the United States, an I-9 document must be completed and submitted within your first three days
    of work
. Failure to do so requires your employer terminate you.  The most challenging part of this
    document is obtaining the required documentation as it is specific but places requirements on the
    condition of the document(s). Getting your documentation together will be a significant step forward.

    The H-1 Instructions are in simple language but can be confusing on the options you have in
    establishing proof of your identity.  The document shows three columns:

         Anything in Column A is sufficient documentation by itself.  This includes holding a currently
         valid United States Passport.  See the information sheet for details.

         Anything in Column B may be paired with anything in Column C to establish your identity.
         These can be a valid state Driver's License from any state which is in good condition and 
         shows no sign of alternation
.  A Social Security card is also acceptable BUT it can not be
         laminated and must be in good condition

         Visit https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-9.pdf 
         You will need at least Adobe Reader 8 to view this document.
Reader is available free of charge by going to https://get.adobe.com/reader/
         This software must be installed on the computer you will be using to read and later
         complete the required information on this form.

    A replacement Social Security card can be ordered free of charge by going to one of their offices
    and completing a request application.  It may be several weeks before you receive the new card.
    IT IS RECOMMENDED you make this request early and save the Social Security in the envelope 
    from the Social Security Administration to help protect the card and serve as additional
    supporting evidence.

    There are no costs for an I-9 Document but you may have expenses to obtain the needed documents.

   Submitting for a Drug Screening or Check is a simple process and is initiated by your employer and
   performed at their cost. You will be directed to a specific location for testing. You need to bring at
   last a current Driver's License with you to establish your identity.

   The process is quick and free of pain with results often available by the time you are ready to leave
   the facility. The testing facility will officially report the results to your employer.

   SHOULD YOU FAIL THE TEST you are allowed to request the test be run again without cost to you.
   Mistakes can happen, thus the law provides you this opportunity. Failing a drug screen will not
   allow your opportunity with this employer to move forward.

   For the first and potentially second drug check, the employer pays the lab expenses. Your costs will
   be your time and travel costs.