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914 Skills Testing

Updated 06/19/2017

   First, do not panic about this testing.

   Most positions do NOT have any Skills Testing but they
   may verify licenses if you will be driving special trucks
   or certain machinery.

   For most who are asked to take these tests, they are
   basic skill tests from Junior and Senior High School.

   They will test basic math skills, comprehension and
   reading skills, reasoning skills, and other skills
   appropriate for the position you have applied for and
   are "the" candidate for the job subject to successfully
   passing the various checks and tests.

   Typically these tests are given in their office.  Bring
   some pencils with erasers with you. Normally they
   provide blank paper for your scratch work, drawings, whatever you need to create or
   use to complete the tests.

   You will not be allowed to keep anything else with you; no cell phone, no internet
   devices, no notebooks, no calculator, nothing. This is to ensure the test is fair for
   all applicants and a true measure of your skill level.

   You may request some water as you may be in there for up to three hours, but
   often is it two or fewer hours.

   Over time these tests may be expanded to include additional areas to help assess
   your abilities for the position you are being considered for to help ensure you are
   a good fit for the position.

   Positions that are likely to include such testing are:
   -  any technical or management position
   -  any position dealing with money
   -  any position involving financial calculations or projections
   -  any architectural or floor arrangement position