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950 Departure

Updated 00/00/2017

   This is a broad topic due to the number of reasons
   and ways one makes their departure. Sometimes it
   is something we never saw coming, sometimes we
   find conditions have deteriorated. Others we find a
   time has come to walk away, go smell the flowers
   and learn what it is to not work 60+ hours a week. 

    Some departures will be unexpected and often unpleasant as "head count" or "political actions"
    drive good people out of an organization. The path you will take will focus on going through S.A.R.A.
    and assessing your finances and ability to seek new employment. If you are over 50, understand that
    many still see 40 as the "cap" for new employees and opportunities may only be available through new
    innovative companies or through charitable organizations. It is amazing how someone over 50 with a
    creative mind and good eyes can transform an organization into something others thought impossible.

    Some departures will be driven by your plan, your preferences, and your timeline into retirement or
    a second career starting a business, doing volunteer work or other new ventures you want to explore.
    You will still face the planning challenges of impacts to your Social Security, Medicare benefits, taxes,
    sheltering income, preserving capital and learning to live comfortably not in an affordable manner.

    Thus the need is planning your departure, even if you don't know it is coming or when it might.

    These decisions are not easy for the path you will be going down as surprise is potentially just

    Finally, the picture says it all. A person who is leaving is also leaving one of the last symbols of the
    job ... the mandatory high heeled shoes. Who knows ... in the universe seeking balance and justice,
    perhaps some needing person will discover the shoe slipped resulting in them being hit in the rear
    by the office door on their way out. A scene made for the movies.