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Bad Employer

  Bad employers may ignore bad managers.
  Some employers really don't care but most
  do and will take corrective steps. Yet YOU
  are the one in the hot seat and you may not
  find the company charging in to correct a
  known bad problem. If the manager swears
  at you up and down the halls and nothing
  comes of it, it may be up to you to resolve.

   7 Toxic Traits Of A Bad Employer  |  LinkedIn, J.T. O'Donnell                                                                   05/24/2016
   Many good employers today are focused on hiring for 'cultural fit' within their company.
   And, for good reason. Hiring the wrong person can cost a company thousands of dollars
   in training and productivity. Like it or not, humans form tribes - and the workplace is no
   exception. Choosing the right candidate for the job means making sure their personality
   and approach to the job will mesh with the existing team. That being said...
   And Then, There Are The Bad Employers 

   10 Ten Signs Your Company Couldn't Care Less About You  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan             07/17/2017
   It is really hard for most people to wrap their minds around the fundamental change that
   has taken place in the working world. Long-term employment is gone.
   Sticking around at a job these days is more likely to hurt you than to help you — because
   your ability to navigate the talent market is your greatest career asset now.

   If Your Boss Shows These 4 Signs, Head For The Hills  |  Forbes, Victor Lipman                    06/07/2017
   I've had multiple conversations with friends about really bad management they've recently
   experienced. While such talks are always disturbing, the most unfortunate thing is they're
   all too common — as we might expect in a management landscape where data consistently
   shows only around 30% of employees are strongly committed to their companies.