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Managing Older Folks

  The first secret to managing older
  workers is to understand they have
  successfully been employed for many
  decades have seen situations within
  business others may not have, and
  are able to contribute to the business.
  Competition is getting tougher. Now
  companies need all the talent available
  to counter the growing competition.

   "They are as old as my parents! They could be my parents! They may know my
    parents! How can I manage them? How can I reprimand them for something?
    I don't know how to do this?"

    Since the 1970's people have lost work for extended periods of time due to mergers
    and acquisitions, plant relocations outside the US, unfair pricing on foreign made
    materials and manufactured goods, inappropriate use of Tariffs, using off-shore
    resources, bringing off-shore resources on-shore, Reductions In Staff when highly
    optimistic revenue projects failed, terminating good workers without cause,
    reductions in retirement benefits, reductions in contributions to retirement programs,
    retirement programs taking substantial financial losses, government support
    programs not meeting Cost of Living increases, government programs reporting
    fraud, a government "lock box" that had no bottom to the box ... and you wonder
    why these people still need to work?

    Many are physically, mentally and emotionally capable of stepping back into the
    workplace with great experience and wealth of knowledge.  There are opportunities.
    How to Successfully
    Manage People Who Are Older Than You  |  Monster, Moira Lawler  
     A young professional’s guide to being an effective leader to people old enough to be your parents.
     These days, it’s entirely possible for someone in their 30’s to oversee people 10 or 20
     years older. And although that scenario is increasingly common, it’s often met with
     tension. The older crew doesn’t want to be bossed around by someone younger, while
     the young go-getters grapple with how to establish authority without shaking things
     up too much.
     There’s good news if you’re a young manager: You can be successful in your role even
     when you’re managing people decades older than you. We spoke with a number of career
     experts about how to be the boss—no matter how big of an age gap you’ve got with your