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Success Stories

Updated 07/22/2017

     6 Phrases Will Change Your Life  |  Ladders, Monica Torres                                                                    07/13/2017
     Every single one of us has felt the pressure of saying the wrong thing, and the fear that
     we will do it when it matters most to our careers.  
     Success in the workplace depends on closing this gap and being a clear communicator.
     One of the best ways to learn a lot fast: TED talks from experts in communication.
     Each expert has different methods on how to accomplish this—from changing your
     vocabulary to changing how you say your name—but the one thing that all these speakers
     have in common? They all believe that listening is the answer to being a better speaker.
     Here are words you can include in your meetings that will transform your professional

     How to Succeed like Warren Buffet  |  Ladders, Jane Burnett                                                                 07/12/2017
     Investor Warren Buffett is known for his down-to-earth lifestyle in Omaha, Nebraska
     despite his extreme wealth. The 86-year-old CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. boasts
     a net worth of $73.3 billion, according to Forbes, and his conglomerate owns more
     than 60 well-known companies, like Dairy Queen and Geico. Buffett
     came in second place on the Forbes list The World’s Billionaires 2017.
     Even so, the “Oracle of Omaha” reportedly lives in a house worth .001% of his overall
     wealth. He’s lived there since 1958, according to CNBC.
     Here are just a few examples of what you can learn from Buffett’s career.               

     The Game of Thrones Guide to Success at Work  |  Ladders, Rachel Weingarten                       07/13/2017
     In case you’re slightly worried about your obsession with GOT as something irrelevant
     to every day life, don’t worry: it’s already a topic of study for scholars of business and
     management. Consider the fact that in Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business,
     there’s a freshman elective course called “Business Lessons from Game of Thrones.”
     Since every aspect of the show has already been dissected in nearly every way possible,
     we thought this handy and informative list would provide you with a legit way discuss
     your favorite show during even the most stressful interview or meeting. And yes, this
     post is dark and full of spoilers, so consider yourself warned.