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Moving Up

Updated 08/28/2017
   Advancement isn't as simple as "Do a good job and you advance."
   There are challenges, some very difficult, to obtaining both your
   merits for promotion but also the needed visibility to your good
   work. Few of your peers will help promote you for obvious reasons.

   Real Lesson:  Manager in a different City
                        This makes it challenging for an employee to have the visibility some Managers need
                        to their people to determine merit for promotion or advancement. Things are worse
                        when you apply the "Out of sight, out of mind" principle. This manager was amazed
                        that his employee stopped by his office as he had a Bonus Check in their desk for
                        nearly three months waiting for the employee to come by and pick it up. Three big
                        problem surfaced regarding the manager's failures:

                          (1) the employee was the ONLY member of the manager's team NOT do lived in state
                          (2) the employee was never asked to travel to the manager's building except by
                               other groups for special meetings not involving his manager
                          (3) the employee was never at any of the staff meetings because the announcement
                               was posted on the bulletin board in their work area in the manager's office
                          (4) the lost time value of the Bonus Check
                          (5) the perception the employee did not like his manager because he wasn't
                               dropping by on a regular basis thus no reason to promote the employee.
                               The others team members did; their desks were down the hall from the manager.

                        Solution: The manager was promoted, the employee was laid-off ... problem solved.
                                       Most of the manager's new direct reports lived in different states from him.
                                       He did not have to face the person he was laying off.

   Many people are competitive in nature and a competitor that is kept "out of sight" is also "out of mind".
   To get promoted you must have visibility which means you must have vocal supporters for your many
   contributions. Contributions that are not recognized never happened and there are those who will
   take ownership and "claim to fame" of those actions for "their" personal advancement.

   9 Signs an Employee Deserves a Promotion
   If you want to get promoted, think more than skills, qualifications, and experience. The most
   promotable employees also have the right attitude -- and the right outlook on individual and
   team performance.

   Along with, "How do I get a raise?" one of the most common questions that even
   exceptional employees ask their boss is, "What can I do to get promoted?"
   For some bosses, the answer to getting promoted is obvious: complete a specific task, gain
   a certain amount of experience, or simply be the next in line.
   Other people, like HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah, take a different approach. Where
   getting promoted is concerned, Dharmesh focuses on the employee's attitude.
   His reasoning is simple. Attitude informs action. Attitude informs behavior. Attitude is the
   driving force behind every achievement, accomplishment, and success.
   Attitude, where performance and therefore advancement is concerned, is everything.