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Updated 08/11/2017

    Should I Report My Abusive Boss To HR -- Or Is It Too Risky?  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan        08/09/2017
    I'm sorry you and your teammates have to deal with Hal on your own, without anybody from
    Corporate paying close enough attention to see that there's a problem. That breakdown is a
    sure sign of poor leadership up the line — far beyond Hal's own problems.
    By now your Regional Director, a regional HR person or somebody from the home office
    should have checked in with you and your teammates to make sure things are going well with
    your new manager.
    It's shameful that no one has done that, but sadly it is also not uncommon.
    Should you talk  to HR? The sad truth is that you may indeed put your job at risk by doing so.  

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