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Updated 08/11/2017

     4 signs your boss is bad for your health  |  Ladders, Travis Bradberry                                            08/08/2017
     The “bad boss” has become a comedic part of work culture, permeating movies and
     television, but when you actually work for a bad boss, there’s nothing funny about it.
     Researchers from the Harvard Business School and Stanford University meta-analyzed
     the results of more than 200 studies to better understand the effects of stress in the
     workplace. They found that worrying about losing your job makes you 50% more likely
     to experience poor health and that having an overly demanding job makes you 35%
     more likely to have a physician-diagnosed illness.

        |  Forbes, J. Maureen Henderson                                                                                                                                           07/17/2017
    You might think that by the time someone ascends to the ranks of the C-suite or becomes
    a VP of this or a Senior Director of that, said person has some measure of confidence in
    their own leadership abilities. You’d be wrong. Boardroom paper tigers are a dime a dozen
    and once you’re able to spot their tells, it becomes easy to see who might have faked it
    until they made it all the way up the corporate ladder. Here are a few clues:

   Why People Leave Their Manager
    and What You Can Do About It  |  LinkedIn., John Eades                                                                            08/03/2017
    At the end of the meeting, my soon to be ex-colleague sat across the table from me and
    said something I will never forget “I didn’t know what my job was, why I was doing it and
    how I was doing.” It was those words that summarized almost exactly why the cliche
    “People leave managers, not companies” is true. Reality had set in, she was leaving me,
    not the business. 
    As hard as that was to deal with, the only way I knew how to handle it was to never let it
    happen again and start doing things differently from a leadership perspective. Fast
    forward 5 years and its become my purpose to not only improve my own leadership skills,
    but help others as well.