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920 Job at Risk

Updated 08/09/2017
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   Whether it is a termination or layoff, you do not want to
   experience this but, in time, most workers will.  It is an
   accepted time-tested management practice.
   The question is can you identify the risk early enough to
   take action for another position inside or outside of the
   company to avoid the severe financial and emotional hit.     


    Ten Unmistakable Signs Your Job Is At Risk  |  Forbes/Leadership, Liz Ryan                                  08/05/2017
    [Your manager's] weak response to your reasonable question is a big red flag.
Any time you notice your work volume slowing down and you mention it to your
    manager, whose response is "Don't worry about it" or "Don't be ridiculous!," you
    have good reason to worry.
If your manager were on the ball,  your conversation
    with her might have gone 
like this:       

    Discussion of Employee Benefit News (EBN)'s report that is costs employers 33%
    of a worker's annual salary to hire a replacement if that worker leaves.