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QUIT is not an Option

Updated 07/15/2017

    5 Strategies To Cope When Quitting Really Isn't An Option
        |  LinkedIn, J.T. O'Donnell                                                                                                                                                     12/12/2016
    Those who say “quitters never win” are fooling themselves. If you stick something out
    just because you’re afraid of giving up—and it’s something that no longer serves you
    —you’re wasting your time. And ultimately, you lose. Sure, you’re not a quitter. But you
    sure as hell aren’t winning either.  

    6 Strategies For Surviving In a Job You Hate  |  WorkItDaily, Teena Rose                                       11/21/2016
    How do you survive in a job you hate? All of us have been there at some point. Out of
    necessity, you are stuck in a job that is unbearable – and as a result, you hate life. This
    is all-too-common in the U.S., where workers are often treated as commodities and
    liabilities, and get almost no real respect.
    QUIZ:  Should You Quit Your Job?