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Updated 05/21/2017
  Whether it is a layoff, termination for cause, termination
  because someone woke up cranky that morning or this
  was the day they wanted to damage your life, it came.
  Reasons are few, some of your personal property may be
  lost as they dive through your desk contents.
  Long term, people terminated saw it as a "gift" given
  as they would have endured horrible work there forever.

  For point of reference, there is a significant difference between Termination, RIF or
  Reduction In Force, Layoff (which can be a RIF), Downsizing, Plant Closure, and many
  other ways your job was lost. The ones listed as a "no fault of the employee" type.
  Some companies are challenged to manage their business during tough times.

  Termination of Employment  |  Wikipedia.com 

   Wrongful Dismissal   |  Wikipedia.com 

  10 Signs They're Looking For A Reason To Fire You  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                 05/08/2017
   Nothing happens in business without a good reason. Your company's leaders moved
   you to another business group and saddled you with too much work in order to send
   you a message. 
To them, you are no longer the key player you were before. 

    Can I Get Fired While I'm On Vacation?  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                 05/19/2017
You can talk to a lawyer -- an employment attorney who works with plaintiffs in
   employment law matters. I recommend that you do. 
Ask Natalie (HR) for a letter
   confirming your termination and the reason you were let go.
   You can apply for unemployment benefits.
here is no question that something fishy is going on at your old job.
   Why would Brian (Manager) approve your vacation and then terminate you while you
   were away? Why would Natalie put through your departmental transfer paperwork and
   then let Brian fire you before the transfer has gone through? It sounds like there is
   rampant mismanagement in that place.
   Who supervises Brian and Natalie? Whoever they are, that person has a problem on their
   hands. Whether they know or care about it is a different question.

   For purposes of determining COBRA eligibility, IRS Notice 2009-27, I.R.B. 2009-16,
   updated April 20, 2009, defines “involuntary termination” as "a severance from
   employment due to the independent exercise of the unilateral authority of the employer
   to terminate the employment, other than due to the employee's implicit or explicit
   request, where the employee was willing and able to continue performing services.
   An employee-initiated termination from employment constitutes an involuntary
   termination if the termination is for good reason due to employer action that causes
   a material negative change in the employment relationship for the employee".

    What Causes Employment Termination  |  TheBalance.com, Susan M. Heathfield                                09/24/2016
Are you interested in the ins and outs of employment termination? Employees land
   in hot water for many reasons, some inexplicable to 
employers - some predictable.
   But, termination is a serious action that generally is the culmination of a series of 
   progressive disciplinary actions.
   Termination occurs when an employer or employee ends an employee's employment
   with a particular employer. Termination can be voluntary or involuntary depending on
   the circumstances.
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              Discusses Involuntary, Voluntary and Mutual (agreed to) Termination