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Plan It

     While the US Economy may be one of the best in the world, may who have been
    working since the 1970's have faced multiple losses in savings due to regulated
    industries not being so well regulated.  I am soliciting your thoughts on how we
    can pool our collective knowledge, experience and wizardry to help members
    with ideas on how to protect their retirement funds (or start building them).
    Let us be certain we do not risk regulatory or other legal issues for anyone.



    This should be an annual review starting no later than your 30th Birthday.
    OK, many assumed everything would be covered for us in retirement.  Nope!

  •  How many times did financial institutions fail in mass since 1970?
  •  How many sudden dives did the Stock Market take?
  •  How long, on average and maximum, was the time to recover those losses?
  •  How many freezes were placed in salary adjustments?
  •  How many salary reductions were implemented?
  •  How many times were benefits reduced?
  •  How many times did Social Security contributions increase?
  •  How many times did utility costs increase?
  •  How many times did home and auto costs increase?
  •  What was the rate of inflation decreasing your life insurance benefits?
  •  Did your employer managed benefits program take large losses of your money?
  •  Did your employer move you to a high service costs retirement program?
    In 2016, one million dollars would meet the needs of ONE person in Tennessee for
    about 25 years. Include the following resources you have and hope to receive:
       a)  Social Security
       b)  Employer's Retirement Program Distributions
       c)  Personal Savings (Stocks, Bonds, Roth Accounts, IRAs, Treasury Notes, etc.)
       d)  Other retirement programs you may have
       e)  Rental property of other income generating resources

    It is easy to see that people may need to continue working somewhere after the
    traditional age of 65 for Retirement.

    Also note working while receiving Social Security will reduce your Social Security
    benefits.  Talk to someone who knows the process and pitfalls before you make
    long term plans for your retirement.