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    The Surprising ROI On Gratitude Training  |  LinkedIn, Lisa Earle McLeod                                        07/03/2017
     What are you grateful for? Your family? A home? These are the typical go to’s when people
     discuss gratitude. Pop culture is filled with studies touting the benefits of gratitude for
     health, happiness, and overall well-being. 
But is it good for business?
     According to the Harvard Medical School editorial “In Praise of Gratitude,”  gratitude,
     “Helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health,
     deal with adversity and build strong relationships.”

     How to Never Give Up on Yourself - 
    Lessons from History's Most Tortured Soul  |  LinkedIn, Cory Galbraith                                          06/24/2017
     He chose art because he failed at everything else, lived off coffee and alcohol, and did his
     best work from inside an insane asylum. 
Painter Vincent van Gogh lived a life of poverty,
     rejection, and obscurity only to become one of the greatest painters of all time. This tortured
     soul is resurrected here - to teach us how we can hold onto our dreams and turn them into
     reality, in a modern world that's fighting us every step of the way.
                 "How can I be of use in the world?
               Can't I serve some purpose and be of any good?"
                                                                                     ~ Vincent van Gogh

     11 Things You Can Do to Make Yourself Smarter Every Day
        |  Inc., Guadalupe Gonzales                                                                                                                                                    07/03/2017
     [Video 0:25]  Picking up a few simple habits can give you brain a huge boost.
     10 Easy Ways To Be Better At Your Job  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                03/25/2017
      Many of us were raised to think about a job as nothing more than a way to make money. We
      don't often think of a job as a way to grow personally and professionally, but every job gives
      us that opportunity. 
Even the worst job you've ever had taught you something valuable!

     Overcome Age Discrimination:
    The Biggest Missed Opportunity for Experts and Seasoned Professionals
        |  LinkedIn, Kevin Kermes                                                                                                                                                        05/23/2017
     We all have perceptions of “the job hunt.” There’s the resume, the cover letters, the online
     application systems, the gate-keepers within HR, the series of stiff interviews where you have
     to prove yourself, and all that stuff.
     What many of us don’t realize is that there’s another way to landing a job you love. 

     How To Negotiate A Walk Away Plan from Stress  |  Women@Forbes, Tanya Tarr                      06/30/2017
     One of the basic rules of negotiation is this: the ability to walk away from a negotiation is a
     source of power. That walk away plan is often called the Best Alternative To A Negotiated
     Agreement, or BATNA, a term coined by Roger Fischer, William Ury and Bruce Patton. Having
     a strong BATNA means you have options that allow you to back away from a negotiation.
     Thinking through your BATNA is a key tactic that can shape smart alternatives when you are
     at a negotiation dead end.

     Start With Why - Learn To Lead  |  LinkedIn, Simon Sinek                                                                          07/02/2017
     5 Quick Tips for Dealing With Office Gossips  |  Forbes, Lisa Quast                                             02/20/2017
     “Sarah” was a new manager with a difficult situation – one of her employees was an office
     gossip. As she was getting to know her new team and spending one-on-one time with
     each employee, Sarah noticed that one person’s name kept coming up, but not in a good

     10 Signs of a Toxic Culture  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                                            04/17/2017
     Your instinct was on the money. That job was all wrong. Your gut knew it before your
     conscious brain did. 
Fear can take control of us and make us do irrational things -- like
     continuing in an interviewing process with the wrong employer. 
The next time, you won't
     be so easy to fool. Now you know what a dysfunctional organization looks and sounds like.

    The Step-By-Step Guide To Quitting Your Job  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                             07/01/2017
     Years ago a young person would get a job and stay with the same company for twenty or
     thirty years. 
That's very unusual now. Most of us will change jobs ten or even twenty times
     over the course of our careers. 
We have to get good at new activities like job-hunting while
     we're working full-time. We have to get good at managing our careers like businesses —
     because a career is a business.
     We have to get good at quitting a job.

     10 Good Reasons To Cancel A Job Interview  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                  06/26/2017
     The people at that company do not deserve to get to meet you, much less to hire you.  The
     insulting question "How many overtime hours will you work for free?" tells you all you need
     to know. 
The all-caps admonition "Do Not Ramble in your Answers" is the icing on the cake.
     Don't go to that interview — and if you get any push back from the nasty recruiter Paul, give
     him the boot as well!

     13 Must-Have Words to Include In Your Resume  |  Glassdoor, Amy Elisa Jackson                   04/14/2017
“The words used show what level the candidates is at in their career,” says Susan Joyce, owner
     and operator of Job-Hunt.org, the guide for a smarter, safer job search. “If I picked up a
     resume for a C-suite candidate who chose vague descriptives, they would immediately be
     discredited. Some might think a candidate’s experience outweighs the actual text of a resume,
     but this is often not the case. If a hiring manager doesn’t see key indicators a candidate is
     qualified by appropriate word choice or diction at first glance, chances are, the resume will be
     eliminated before they are even considered.”
     To help land your resume at the top of the pile, we tapped an expert panel of career coaches,
     resume writers and experts to ask, “What are the words you like to see on resumes?” Here’s
     what they had to say. Bookmark this article ASAP!

     Don't Give Away Your Salary Details -- Do This, Instead  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                    06/20/2017
     Recruiters inside and outside of companies will ask you for your private salary details. They
     may ask for them politely, or they may inform you that you’d better get ready to fork over
     your past salary information for every job you’ve ever held, or you won’t be considered for
     the job. 
If a recruiter’s or employer’s attitude toward talented job-seekers is “You will tell
     us your salary history, or we’ll hire someone else” your best bet is to walk away.

     5 'Sticky' Questions You Need To Ask -- Before You Take The Job
         |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                                                                                                                06/20/2017  
     When you’re close to accepting a job offer, it is always better to ask the question burning on
     your lips than to keep silent and take your chances.
Some job-seekers feel hesitant about asking questions like ”What are the limits on budget
     authority for this role?” or “What are the typical decisions a person in this role can make
     independently, and which decisions require a manager’s approval?”
     Once a snake bites you, you learn that you have no choice — you have to ask those questions!
If you don’t, you run the risk of taking a job that is impossible to perform successfully
     because you’re hamstrung whenever you try to take action.

     7 Mistakes Leaders Make That Make Everyone Miserable
        |  LinkedIn, Dr. Travis Bradberry                                                                                                                                             09/27/2015
     From Enron to Volkswagen, we’ve watched in horror as leaders who lack integrity have
     destroyed businesses time and again. But the real tragedy happens when regular leaders,
     who are otherwise great, sabotage themselves, day after day, with mistakes that they can’t
     see but are obvious to everyone else.
     In most cases, it’s slight and often unintentional gaps in integrity that hold leaders, their
     employees, and their companies back. Despite their potential, these leaders harm their
     employees and themselves.

     8 Habits Of Happy Job Seekers  |  WorkItDaily, Ariella Coombs                                                                 01/06/2017
     Who said job search had to be a huge downer? Not me! For most of us, job search is a part
     of life. It’s something we all have to deal with at some point – like jury duty. But that doesn’t
     mean we can’t allow ourselves to be happy until we find a job. Your job search could take
     weeks – likely months – and life is just too short be unhappy that whole time!

     8 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Job Search  |  Forbes, Ashley Stahl                                              12/19/2016
     Following certain best practices can make or break you in your quest for the right job.
     Some bad habits are obvious, where as others are more subtle-- and even the subtle
     ones can have a detrimental effect on your chances of landing the right job.

     Poor Sleep Hygiene Is Killing You And Your Career  | LinkedIn, Dr. Travis Bradberry            03/01/2017
     The next time you tell yourself that you'll sleep when you're dead, realize that you're
     making a decision that can make that day come much sooner. Pushing late into the night is
     a health and productivity killer. 
According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at the Harvard
     Medical School, the short-term productivity gains from skipping sleep to work are quickly
     washed away by the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation on your mood, ability to focus,
     and access to higher-level brain functions for days to come. The negative effects of sleep
     deprivation are so great that people who are drunk outperform those lacking sleep.

     Stop Putting Off Fun for After You Finish All Your Work
        |  Harvard Business Review, Ed O'Brien                                                                                                                                  07/07/2017
     But is this intuition correct? My lab recently conducted a series of experiments to test what
     “leisure first” really feels like — and we found that it’s not nearly as worrisome as it seems.
     Our findings were published in the journal Psychological Science.

     New Managers Should Focus on Helping Their Teams,
    NOT Pleasing Their Bosses  |  Harvard Business Review, Karen Dillon                                                          07/07/2017
     In hindsight, I know that I assumed the new-manager mantle badly. I was almost apologetic
     about getting the promotion and, in those early days, exhibited almost no real leadership.
     I was too worried about what everyone, especially my boss, was seeing in me and not worried
     enough about what they should be seeing in me. Luckily, I righted course quickly.

     "No man should be in a management position who protects his job
      by hiding information from his team."

     Leadership Accelerators #3: Seeking Mindfulness  |  LinkedIn, Sandhya Johnson                    07/07/2017
The vast majority of us are mindless most of the time! That is right. We remain rigid in our
     thinking, and despite the fact that things are constantly changing around us; we remain
     completely oblivious and continue to do what we have always done. In fact, our lives are so
     governed by rules and routines that we fail to consider alternative perspectives. For instance,
     when was the last time that you found yourself engaging in an automatic behavior that
     seems redundant, but you continue to do it anyway? For example, have you reviewed the list
     of attendees to a standing meeting and thought about whether all of the invitees really need
     to be there, or alternatively, are there any people not on the list who should be there?

     8 Powerful Ways To Conquer Stress  |  LinkedIn, Travis Bradberry                                                        09/29/2016
The ability to manage your emotions and remain calm under pressure has a direct link to
     your performance. TalentSmart has conducted research with more than a million people,
     and found that 90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of
     stress in order to remain calm and in control. They have emotional intelligence.
     Stress has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it, but how you
     respond is only half the battle. The secret to winning the war against stress lies in what
     you do when you aren’t working (and presumably aren’t as stressed). Otherwise, you fall
     into bad habits that can magnify your stress, rather than alleviate it.

     10 Signs Your Talent Is Being Wasted  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                  05/20/2017
     It used to look bad to have a one-year or 18-month job on your resume, but not anymore.
     Any employer who would spurn you just for starting and leaving a job within 18 months
     (especially without asking you why) is a company that doesn't deserve your talents in the
     first place.

     8 Ways Smart People Act Stupid  |  LinkedIn, Dr. Travis Bradberry                                                           05/15/2017
It’s good to be smart. After all, intelligent people earn more money, accumulate more
     wealth, and even live longer. On the surface, being smart looks like easy living. But there’s
     another side to the story.
     Intelligent people have a reputation for making dumb mistakes, especially in situations that
     require common sense. The simplicity of these situations and the abundant intelligence of
     those who tend to muck them up can be downright comical.

                                “Common sense is not so common.” -Voltaire

     6 Reasons to Hire Older, Out-of-Work Workers  |  LinkedIn, Gail Miller                                  05/23/2016    
     Age discrimination? Those of us in the staffing industry see our fair share. And although
     this bias is covert and unspoken, it is undeniable and certainly disconcerting.
     HR professionals, hiring managers, and the organizations they work for need to be more
     creative and thoughtful in utilizing talent of all ages to synergize the workplace. Ignoring
     or discarding the rich experience and wisdom of our ageing workforce may one day lead
     to large voids of expertise and skill across many industries and markets.
     When interviewing an older worker, those responsible for hiring should try changing their
mind-set and looking at these candidates with a fresh perspective. After all, gray-haired
     candidates bring a lifetime’s worth of skill and experience to the table.

     When Is The Right Time To Leave A Sinking Ship?  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                   07/09/2017
     There is no need to panic and it will not help you to do so, but there is also no reason to
     wait around to see what happens next in this movie.
If the company is failing there is no benefit to you in sticking around to turn out the lights.
     Unless they offer you a life-changing sum to stay and work through the wind-up or sale of
     the business your best bet is to get a new job as soon as you can.

     20 Job Search Questions You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan       03/25/2017  
     Ten years ago finding a new job was a straightforward process.
These days job-hunting is complex. Few schools teach students how to find a job when
     they graduate.
It is absurd that a kid could spend four years in high school and four in
     college and never be taught the steps in a job search -- but that is the reality.
     Here are 20 common job search questions people wonder about. 

    New Hires Are Begging You to Stop These Onboarding Trends
    And it's time to listen to what they're saying.  |  Inc., Heather R. Huhman                                 06/27/2017
     "They decided it would be trendy, and make them more likeable, if they added a Friday happy
     hour to the onboarding plan," Nichols explained. "They required the new hires to walk around
     the office every Friday afternoon to collect donations in order to purchase the alcohol and
After this attempt to help new hires become acquainted with their colleagues, the
     company began to notice new hires were leaving within 6 months of employment.

     Want Your Best Employees to Never Leave You?
Give Them the 7 Things They Need the Most  |  Inc., Marcel Schwantes                                     07/07/2017
This is what every human being on the planet desires to experience in life.
     It's no different in the workplace.

     7 Core Beliefs of Great Bosses  |  LinkedIn, Dr. Travis Bradberry                                                              12/14/2016  
     Great bosses change us for the better. They see more in us than we see in ourselves,
     and they help us learn to see it too. They dream big and show us all the great things
     we can accomplish. 
Great leadership can be a difficult thing to pin down and understand.
     You know a great leader when you’re working for one, but even they can have a hard time
     explaining the specifics of what they do that makes their leadership so effective. Great
     leadership is dynamic; it melds a variety of unique skills into an integrated whole.
     One thing is certain—a leader’s actions are driven by his beliefs. It’s through a leader’s
     actions—and ultimately her beliefs—that the essence of great leadership becomes apparent. 
                “I am just a common man who is true to his beliefs.” – John Wooden

     4 Questions Jobseekers Ask To Make Sure They Win!  |  LinkedIn, Jewel Bracy DeMaio       06/19/2017
     No one wants job search to be some seemingly interminable endeavor. It wasn’t always that
     way. Remember those good old days when you networked into one job, after the next, after
     the next? If in the past you’ve never had any trouble finding a position, but today you’ve
     been looking for months with no success, ask the following questions to elevate yourself
     from “job searching” to “job found!”

    Do These 5 Emotionally Intelligent Things
    Within 5 Minutes of Meeting Someone  |  Fast Company, Harvey Deutschendorf                               07/18/2017
     Being instantly likable isn’t rocket science, but this checklist takes practice to master in
     the short space of a first impression.
     What’s the point of networking if not to get other people to like you? Sure, you need new
     contacts to see you as interesting, competent, professional, and potentially valuable to
     them—but if they don’t also find you likable, nobody will feel motivated to reach out later
     and work with you.
     The reason why all comes down to emotional intelligence, the set of skills and qualities
     that allow people to form deeper, closer relationships with others. Likability is a key
     ingredient in that, and its career benefits are pretty obvious. For instance, being likable
     —and liking your coworkers in return—can increase your chances of getting promoted.

     Hybrid skills now needed in Projects & Business Change  |  LinkedIn, Adam Shapley      07/11/2017
     Over the past year the skills employers require for projects and business change have shifted
     from pure IT Project Managers to specialist business-focused Project Managers and Business
     Analysts who understand both IT and business needs and can act as the link between the two.
     The rapid increase in demand for hybrid business-focused professionals is a continuation of
     the single biggest change in this space over the past few years, with employers wanting people
     who combine IT and business intelligence and act as the conduit between the two in order to
     formulate a change strategy in a commercial way.

    My Manager Said 'It's Not Your Place To Make Suggestions'   |  Forbes, Liz Ryan           07/08/2017
    It is painful to observe a manager floundering in their job while desperately to pretend that
    everything is fine. 
A struggling manager might make a lot of pronouncements to convince
    themselves and everybody around them that they really have a handle on things.      

     4 Ways To Create Your Own Opportunities At Work  |  Forbes, Lisa Rabasca Roepe              07/31/2017
     As soon as Renata Amaral, CEO and founder of creative studio EAT, earned her bachelor’s
     degree in Brazil, she bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles and enrolled in UCLA to work
     on a master’s degree in public relations and entertainment publicity. She hoped to land a
     job or internship at a local creative firm, but no one would hire her, so she ended up
    cobbling together a bunch of part-time, minimum-wage jobs.

     Despite happiness being a primary human motivation, only one in three Americans say
     they're very happy. 
Several years ago in an interview with Conan O'Brien, Louis C. K. tells
     of flying on a newly equipped Wi-Fi airplane. He was amazed by the new technology. Until,
     during the flight, the Wi-Fi went down. Immediately, the man next to him became extremely
     upset. "As though the world owes this man something he only knew existed 10 seconds ago."

     Louis C. K. continues by describing people's absurd frustrations with flying in general. People
     complain about it all the time "It was the worst day of my life! It took 20 minutes to board! We
     had to sit on the runway for 40 minutes!"