Technology is an inescapable part of our lives.

Technology is affordable and simplified for the majority
of people to use.  Challenges arise from this:
  1. how to wisely use technology
  2. how to fix simply technology problems
  3. how to understand the new evolving technologies

Our focus is primarily technology for those in a career transition, funding constraints, and the pressing need to enhance their presence and marketable skills.

Key areas will include:
  • LinkedIn:
    The free professional global networking tool well suited for making new contacts, building relationships, gaining insight and knowledge, and a tool used by a vast majority of Recruiters

  • Scam Tips:
    What games are people trying to play on you to trash your computer, reveal information to steal your identity or cost you money.

  • Tech Tips:
    Problems that many experience with personal computing devices that can often be resolved by using tools they already own by following simple directions all within the comfort of their home.

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