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e-Mail and communications have dramatically evolved since the mid 1960's.  Analog communications are being displaced by digital to support multimedia communications for voice, text, data, e-mails, pictures, videos and content not envisioned yet.  Part of the growing key to this is your e-mail address.  Mobility is tying more electronic communications to your e-mail address than your phone number.  Yet the evolution of how we view your e-mail address has advanced very little.

Here are some thoughts for your e-mail address in today's world and how to keep it from hurting you.

Your e-mail Address Can (and have have) Hurt You.

Your e-mail address today is part of you.  It is part of your identity, how you are viewed by some, and how you can be reached over not just your personal
or professional life but your life time.

Because you reach "retirement age" (still seen as 65 today), the likely age for retirement is 72 to 74 due to:
-  frequent and meaningful losses in investments every 6 to 8 years
-  loss of defined retirement benefits or the entire program
-  growing taxes and increasing costs of living, healthcare, food, housing, etc.

As companies reduce staff they lose skills, insights and knowledge which can become a critical loss after 9 to 16 months.  Once this reaches a critical state, companies must act.  The quickest action: find the key people they let go and make then an offer.  Retaining a known good worker with proven skills trumps nearly any other option for speed and low cost.  And it often results in a higher compensation for the person retained.

Keeping your self reachable using an active life long e-mail address can present unexpected and lucrative benefits.

Your Professional Life

Inappropriate e-mail address creation

First impressions are important but we often forget about the impression someone initially forms from our e-mail addresses.  Would this e-mail address create a positive, neutral or negative image when seen on a business document?  While important the focus is on NOT doing yourself harm by projecting the negative image.

Think about an e-mail like "BigHotSassyMomma@whateveremail.net".
What image do you see?  It is a professional one or is it something that should only have been used between really close friends and family or is this something that is funny today that would come back and create embarrassment to you later?

Outside interests are great but what is the image you are wanting to project and is your e-mail address a distraction or a threat to that image?  An e-mail address of "SkipWork-GoGolf@whateveremail.net" may be great for those in the golfing industry but raise potential questions about most other industries and professions.  Outside recreation and interests from work are healthy for people and provide balance.  Life long learning is important to any professional but "PerpetualStudent@whateveremail.net" is not the right e-mail address for that image.

Appropriate e-mail address creation

The primary objective of an e-mail is to provide a means for others to easily and quickly contact you which today can include voice, video, texts and e-mail with or without attachments.

The secondary objective is to have an e-mail address that is easy to remember you by.

If your e-mail address is your name, how easy is that for people to remember?